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We are one of the leading European private label manufacturers in processing vegetables into pickled preserves for all well-known retail chains. With a production capacity of 50 million jars, we can reliably meet your needs.

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Our cucumber specialties for private label manufacturers

After careful harvesting, our cucumbers are delivered directly from the field and processed into pickled preserves in our own production – this guarantees a sustainable fresh product for an incomparable taste experience!

Our production

Our cucumber products are produced in seasonal operation in the period from June to September. We cover all steps of agriculture up to production, logistics and marketing. Thus, we guarantee short distances from the freshly harvested raw material to the final product. Our cucumbers go from the field to the jar within one day.

Thanks to our perfected IFS system, we can guarantee complete traceability of our products. This starts with the seed and goes all the way to the end consumer. So you can be sure that our cucumbers meet the highest quality standards.

With a production capacity of 50 million jars per season, we can guarantee a constant supply and meet your needs.

Our vegetable cultivation

With a total cultivation area of 260 hectares and state-of-the-art technology in the field, including irrigation and harvesting machinery, we produce 32,000 tons of high-quality cucumbers annually in Germany and Romania.

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from the field to the jar – our cucumber production

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